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emd inspire delivers development solutions that inspires leaders and managers to create the best environment to engagemotivate and develop their people to higher performance


EVERYONE has the potential

I believe we all start out with the right aptitude and attitude to want to add value through our interactions, be them business or personal. And, in the right environment, we do just that and excel and grow.

My role is to not only see the potential in everyone, it’s to combine this potential with understanding to provide purposeful development.  Which, within the right environment, will enable your people to excel day after day.

We’re all Human BEINGS

Our ‘being’ is connected to our self-esteem, if our inner conversation is lacking then our outer performance reflects this.   Too often in business I have seen the focus solely be on what people do, not how they are ‘being’.

I think sport provides some great analogies here. Think back to when you’ve seen a sports star falter and fail in their game.  It’s not really what they’re doing that is different but something in their inner conversation has changed and this in turn impacts their being and performance.

My approach involves fully engaging your employees, on your behalf.  Providing a motivational environment to enable them to perform at their best.  If this is fully embraced, self-esteem rises, performance levels increase and that extra mile doesn’t seem so impossible.

Staring at the scoreboard doesn’t win the game

No team ever won the game by staring at the scoreboard; so why in so many businesses do they do just that?

Using last week’s results and ‘in-the-moment’ data to drive performance preoccupies you from focusing on your people.

It’s through your people and their performance that you win the game. I know if you focus your attention on your people’s performance the scoreboard results will improve.

Never assume - seek to understand

Sometimes we assume we know and understand a situation based on our own past experiences. This quote truly sums up how I believe our relationship should be:

“Before you ‘assume’, try this crazy method called ‘asking’.”

I believe I need to get to know you, your team and your business before I can assume I can help. I will ask lots of questions, be quizzical, interested and focused, to understand your business need and provide the right solution for your business.




“I am an experienced L&D Consultant with over 17 years’ experience in this field. My experience lies in a wide range of disciplines which include consultancy, training and coaching. I work with businesses and individuals to define and deliver solutions that incorporate their needs and aligns with their culture and values.


Hello I’m Emma.

When we do business, whether it’s buying the weekly food shop or negotiating that major business deal, as humans, we like to interact with people.  As the saying goes “people buy from people”.  Yet, in our increasingly virtual world, many of our interactions don’t always start by directly communicating with others.

I guess a bit like this! You’ve clicked on my website as you think I may be able to assist you in some way.  If we’ve never actually met, this page is to help you get know me, which in turn, will motivate you to pick up the phone or email me so I can understand your challenge, and determine the right solution to solve your business need, in person.

I’m an experienced people development leader, passionate about what I do.  If I wasn’t I wouldn’t have spent over 25 years in the cut and thrust of retail.  In fact my retail career began way before this as I was brought up the daughter of a village shopkeeper.   I learnt from a young age the importance of customer service and since then have pursued a career in retail across a number of the largest brands in the UK.

A brief resumé, (so you know where I come from 😊)

You would not be wrong to assume that retail would’ve been my first career choice.  But no, I went into beauty first and am in fact a qualified hairdresser and beauty therapist, with my early career in London working at a large Kensington spa.  This gave me a real insight into peoples’ behaviour, and many interesting opportunities, such as being one of a handful of therapists given the role of masseuse to the original cast of ITV’s Gladiators – I know a tough gig but hey someone had to do it!  After four years in the beauty world, I decided a change of direction was needed so worked for a year in a local pub, serving the interesting mix of characters you find drawn to a successful gastro village pub – another insight into people and what motivates them!

Finally, the pull of retail from my childhood was too strong and I took a role as an Assistant Manager, for the long since departed high street retailer, Salisbury’s Bags and Baggage.  This wasn’t the longest stint in management, as with just under two years’ experience, they went into receivership. As a young manager, it was an awful period having to close a shop that you had built up, call the part-time staff to say they no longer had jobs and handing the keys over to the bailiffs.

Within days of Salisbury’s demise, I took a role in the Vodafone call centre.  During my time there I worked my way up to Call Centre Manager and then “fell” into my first Learning and Development role.  I always say “fell” as I have yet to meet anyone (other than a teacher) whose chosen career path was to work in Learning and Development.  I think my background of customer / people centric roles and my natural energy and enthusiasm made L&D the place for me to flourish.

And flourish I have, growing and learning, gaining qualifications and experience, I have helped shape, drive and deliver the people agenda across Vodafone, Powwow, Argos, Home Retail Group, Comet and Specsavers, with roles from L&D advisor to the Head of Management and Leadership Development.

My passion for dealing with people and their customer experience has always been at the heart of my career choices.  So much so that today it finds me taking the leap into setting up my own company.

There you have it, a better understanding about me,  I’d love to get to know you and see how I can help.


Through emd inspire I strive to deliver development solutions that inspires leaders and managers to create the best environment to engage, motivate and develop their people to higher performance.


Having a passion for dealing with people and their customer experience has always been at the heart of my career choices.  So much so that today it finds me leading EMD Inspire Ltd.

EMD Inspire is built on 25 years of knowledge and experience, that when you engage, develop, motivate and inspire your people they will engage, develop, motivate and inspire your customers into loyal and raving fans.  This, in turn, provides the behaviour change and profit you are seeking.

EMD Inspire can develop individuals, teams and companies to maximise their potential.  Providing you the support your business needs in the following areas:


emd inspire can support you with, interim L&D leadership, provide you with unique in-house leadership development training and management training. Alongside a wealth of bespoke learning and development, whether you’re looking for communication skills training, influencing skills, assertiveness, or a presentation skills course, why not get in touch?


Why not call me on 07775 684804 or contact me using the form opposite, even if it’s just to have a chat or to scope out a potential solution to your issue – I’d love to hear from you.

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